Spring KAL!

Join us for our first ever Knit Along (KAL)! 
To join:
  1. Pick which pattern you want to knit: Nordic Summer Top Light or Rift
  2. Purchase said pattern via Ravelry
  3. Buy your yarn and needles* from Ozark Knitting Company (see more below)
  4. Sign up for the KAL!

Details: We will meet in person on Thursday March 31st for a kick-off group knit and we will have a "wear your knit" party on June 23rd (location and times TBD). We will post updates and tips for each garment on our social media, weekly email updates for those signed up, and we will be at Knit1, Drink1 every Monday night at Columbus House Brewery for in-person comradery and help!

Questions? Come talk to us at the Spring Sip&Shop on Saturday March 12th or send us an email: ozknitco@gmail.com

*needles coming soon! 

-Suggested Yarns-

Cotton Blends, Cotton, Linen, Linen Blends in DK or Sport Weight

Simply search "DK cotton" or "Sport linen" to see what we have in stock!

Both KAL options use cotton or linen blended yarns. Refer to your pattern for specifics and check the Ravelry page for more details. Below you will find the basic suggestions for each garment and once again be sure to check your pattern to figure out how much you'll need. Remember you can do stripes! If you are torn on 2 colors or there's not enough of one color of the yarn you want to use, consider stripes or color blocks.

Rift-Sport/DK, Cotton/Wool Blend or Linen Blend, Yarn requirements by yardage:
(550, 600, 650) [700, 750, 800] {875, 950, 1025} For finished bust circumference: (40, 44, 48) [52, 56, 60] {64, 68, 72} inches

Nordic Summer- DK, Cotton or Linen, Yarn requirement by weight (g): 150 (150) 200 (250) 300 (300) 350. For bust measurements: 76 (86) 96 (106) 116 (126) 136 cm
Length: 46 (48) 50 (53) 56 (58) 60 cm

If you are new to reading garment patterns, please note the differences in the two for our KAL:

For Rift you will calculate yarn needed in yardage based upon the size of the finished garment.

For Nordic Summer you will calculate yarn needed in weight (grams) based upon your bust measurements. 

Read your pattern carefully to make sure you understand how much yarn you need to make the garment the size you want!